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AMCO BATTERIES LTD, a member of the Amalgamation Group of Companies, is a well known and trusted manufacturer of a wide range of Automotive Batteries. AMCO has been a pioneer in this Industry and has been a brand to be reckoned with in the Battery Industry since 1955.


ASA Technology

By the introduction of ASA (Alpha Sulphonic Acid) – Charge Boosters during the processes of plate manufacturing, the battery plates retain its dry charged properties for a longer duration than an ordinary process.

ASA-Charge Boosters enables the battery to get charged faster. ASA-Charge Boosters enhance the battery performance with minimum maintenance.
AMCO Batteries under go severe tests like high rate discharge, shear test, air pressure test, capacity test, etc., during the process and assembly.
Standing true to its promise, the ASA Technology enables rapid recharging of the battery for a hassle free drive.

Price : Rs 10500/-



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