Panasonic SMF VRLA Batteries

Unique Benefits of Panasonic Batteries offered by us encompass the following:

  • High quality and reliability: The tough valve of these rechargeable batteries are designed to provide excellent performance. These can withstand overcharge, over discharge, and resisting vibration and shock. Before the dispatch of the products, these are Panasonic tests each battery thoroughly based on various parameters including electrical continuity, rated ampere-hour capacity and 100 percent jar-to cover seal leak air tightness.
  • Exceptional deep discharge recovery: Panasonic SMF VRLA batteries have exceptional discharge recovery, even after deep or prolonged discharge. No corrosive gas generation: The batteries are sealed properly, so that there is no corrosive gas generated during normal usage.
  • Long service life: OurPanasonic batteries based on unique grid technology and designed for 10years of Float Life application. Thus, these ensure to provide long service life than any other brand of battery available in market. High power density: Panasonic has become a renowned brand since ages, thus they have expertise to develop batteries with high power density. Thus, these batteries ensures to save installation space, that provides full and reliable power for the equipment.
  • Maintenance-free operation: The batteries are known for their maintenance free operation, wherein there is no need to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte or to add water during the service life.

Panasonic make 12v 7.2ah

With our expertise in the respective field, we are offering our clients Panasonic Make 12v 7.2ah. These are available in different sizes, rated capacity and voltage and can also adopt standard terminal and resins of Ul94HB Faston 187 and UL94HB Faston 250. Our range finds different application in for their long serv