Li-Ion Batteries

Motive Power Lithium Ion Battery

We are one of the prominent distributors of Motive Power Lithium Ion Battery, which is manufactured in compliance with the latest technological advancements in the market. Ion Batteries are known for their long cycle life, low self - discharge & cost effective that enables us to meet the requirements of numerous industries. Further, the battery is designed in such a manner, which ensure to work without causing any pollution keeping the environment clean



  • High energy density
  • Safe & Reliable
  • High working voltage
  • Small volume
  • Light weight
  • Long cycle life
  • Low self-discharg


High Safety Index

The LiFePO4 & LiMn2O4 are respectively adopted as anode material, which combines anti-explosion valve endowed with extremely high safety index. These basically have solved Li-ion battery's flammable and explosive problem & essentially realized safety in application.

Small Volume, Light Weight

The range of 36V 10 Ah battery is light weighted and only weighs 4kg. This equals to 1/5 of lead acid battery with same capacity; wherein the volume only equals to 1/4 of Lead Acid battery.

Environmental Protection without any Pollution

LiFePO4 & LiMn2O4 are adopted as anode material; the resource of Fe & Mn is fruitful. This ensures complete environmental protection without pollution.

Long Cycle Life, Low Self - Discharge & High Cost Effective

The charge & discharge cycle of LiFePO4 motive power has achieved 2000 times, the retained capacity. Also this is beyond more than 80% and the monthly self-discharge rate is less than 5%. The working life of the battery is more than 6 years, and the cost of all life span cycle is much lower than Lead Acid battery.

Broad Working Environment Temperature Scope

The working temperature ranges from 200C to 600C that can be normally applied in different areas and rather severe environment.

Li-Ion Cylindrical Batteries Li-Ion Cylindrical Batteries Li-Ion Cylindrical Batteries

With the assistance and support of our dexterous professionals, we are offering our clients an extensive range of Li-Ion Cylindrical Batteries. Based on the latest technology these batteries have high degree of automation, consistency and safety. These are used in electric toys, power tools, backup power supply of large precision instruments and medical instruments


  • Advanced technology
  • Comprehensive quality assurance
  • High degree of automation
  • High consistency
  • High safety
  • Good performance in rate discharge


Energy Cell Battery: These Batteries are appreciated for their caharacteristic of "three high stand poiny, one length" which means high capacity, high safety, high consistency and long cycle life. Power Cell Battery: These Batteries are also known for their features like "high rate discharge, high safety, high consistency and long cycle life".


  • Notebook batteries
  • Digital devices
  • Electric toys
  • Power tools
  • Backup power supply of large precision instruments
  • Medical instruments