Integrated Solar

Integrated Batteries Solar Solutions

Integrated Batteries has been serving in the power conditioning industry for past 20years now. With our valuable experience of serving the Indian Corporates/ MNCs/ Industries and understanding their power energy needs we are all set to introduce our Solar Power Integration System for Home and Industries harnessing the solar energy for creation of power to meet the electricity loads.

Integrated Batteries India has the vision to make solar energy as the nationís mainstream power supply. IBI helps to create a world lesser dependent on fossil fuels by helping people understand the importance of environmental protection, realize the advantages of solar power systems, and promote the incentives and rebates from governmental renewable energy policies.

We provide the turnkey solutions for photovoltaic application for Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), Telecom and Power plants along with the key components supply for the PV projects like Solar Modules, Inverters/ UPS, Tubular/ SMF Lead acid Batteries and Monitoring system.

IBI is committed to provide its clients with reliable and independent energy sources with innovative solutions, cost effective processes, and also the ultimately unparalleled customer satisfaction.



  • Power Plant
  • Commercial Buildings like Malls, Corporate buildings, Cinema Halls, Data Centers, Apartment building, Hospitals, Educational institutions, Resorts, IT companies .
  • Industries ( Different type of industries for Roof top installations)
  • Residential installations
  • Telecom ( Operators, OEMs, Infra providers)
  • BIPV ( Builders & Developers, Architects & Green building Consultants, Corporate entities)

Solar Roof Top System

Integrated Batteries pleased to offer our own line of Solar Power Kits targeted for industries, housing complexes, commercial establishments, commercial complexes, institutions and others present in urban areas which are using diesel generators for backup during power shortages.

These systems are designed to meet the day time electrical loads by producing the power from solar panels. Electricity produced by the system can meet the partial or total electrical load based on the system capacity.

All Kits feature premium quality solar modules that provide reliable and environmentally friendly generation of electricity from sunlight. Integrated Solar Power Kits come complete and ready to install with:

  • Solar Panels : A Photovoltaic model transforms solar energy into electricity.
  • Charge Controllers : The charge controller controls the maximum power output from solar panels, charges into batteries, controls charge current, charge level. The charge controller is needed only when power storage in the battery is necessary,
  • Batteries : Batteries store energy supplied to them and is used when solar energy is not available.
  • Inverters: When utility power fails, the inverter can operate as a main electrical power supply and become a grid tie inverter when utility power is available. The Integrated Solar Inverter allows energy from Solar PV to charge the battery until battery is fully charged. After this the Inverter will operate on Grid tie Inverter mode and feed energy from PV array to utility line.
  • Cable & Connectors.


  • SPV systems with or without grid interaction
  • System capacity ranging from 10 kW to 100 kW
  • High efficient crystalline silicon module for reliable operations
  • Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) consists of high efficiency inverter
  • Metallic frame structure with corrosion resistant and adjustable tilt angle
  • High efficient electronics and electrical items
  • Customized modular design to meet all requirements


  • Central Financial Assistance in the form of capital subsidy is available from MNRE
  • Reliable operation through high efficiency crystalline silicon module
  • Life of solar panels is 25 to 30 years
  • Enormous savings of precious fuels and electricity
  • Clean and green solar energy with no recurring electricity cost
  • No moving parts and very minimal maintenance
  • System autonomy built to operate even during non sunny days
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • 80% accelerated depreciation benefits available
  • Increased productivity with reliable power for break free operation.