Tubular Batteries

Want to buy new and branded tubular batteries? Are you residing in Delhi/NCR region and want to buy and get it installed there only? If yes, welcome to Delhi Batteries. We are a renowned service provider of tubular batteries from years of top notch and well known brands offered at cost effective prices.

Do you want to get a new tubular battery in Delhi or want to get your existing battery get replacement? It is of no surprise to anyone that most of the people in the country suffer from power fluctuations and power cuts. And a large mass of people in the country actually relies on their inverters for backups. To take care of the situation, it is very important to buy the best inverter and battery that simply won't take them down. This is why Delhi Batteries is been serving people with inverter tubular batteries and others, by giving them different brand choices so that as per the requirement and budget constraint, they can think of buying none but the best for them.

We do understand that buying batteries from retail shops and other fronts could be extremely time consuming. At Delhi Batteries, our experts will help you in purchasing the right battery for your inverter in accord to the need and get it delivered at your doorstep without any problem in Delhi. Along with delivery, our company provides free installation, onsite repair and maintenance service as well. Want to know more about them? Feel free to get back to us at 8527267799. We will suggest you to buy the right product that will last for years and do understand that every battery comes with own guarantee and battery capacity. Do make sure to take the bill, guarantee card and go through the terms and conditions thoroughly before buying anything. We have a large base of clients and they still seek for our repair and maintenance services. Do let us know all your concerns and requirements, and as per the situation and brands available in tubular batteries in Delhi, we will cater the best to you. We are looking forward to hear from you!

Are Sealed Maintenance Free batteries majorly used in UPS and specially home ups for PC though other usages are telephone exchange, emergency lights, electronic equipments, scientific appliances, toys etc. As the name suggests these batteries are maintenance free. We can not only deliver these batteries but can instal them in your battery equipments or battery backups

Please feel free to sell of your old batteries - Old battery cost has gone up in recent past - please feel free to call Moscow Batteries at following number to get the exact cost of your old battery - We not only give you best price of the old battery but can offer you best price for most of the available brands in delhi.

Old car battery cost can be Rs. 400 to Rs. 800/-. Inverter battery prices for old battery stats from 800- 2200/-