SMF Batteries

Are you looking online for 100% genuine and authentic SMF batteries in Delhi? Welcome to Delhi Batteries! SMF stands for 'Sealed Maintenance Free' and as the name suggests, these batteries do not demand any maintenance or periodic topping up of by water or so as they are maintenance free. SMF batteries are sealed, spill proof and in general do not release any kind of harmful gas or fumes at all. These batteries are best and ideal for the purposes where back up need is very short or limited. SMF batteries are widely in usage in online UPS or home UPS along with some other electronic equipments like in emergency lights, telephone exchange, toys, scientific appliances, emergency lights, telecom industry, fire alarm and security systems, medical instruments, wind power, off grid solar power and more. Do you want to buy them and get it delivered in Delhi? Delhi Batteries is a well known and reckoned SMF batteries stock provider of top notch brands at best competitive prices.

No matter whether you want Gell based SMF batteries or AGM - Absorbed Glass Mat SMF batteries, we have options available in both of them. Want to know the difference in between them? Have a word with our experts and as per the usage and application, they will let you know the best choice to buy within your budget and that could work for longer time span. Just for the information, in AGM SMF batteries, the electrolyte available in the cell is placed in between the plates and locked up in fiber glass mat. On the other side, in Gel based SMF batteries, the electrolyte is available inside of the battery and then there is addition of gelling agents and silica to turn it into a thick putty like gel. We offer SMF batteries of best quality and of renowned brand at best possible prices and could deliver and install them in your equipments as per your desire. Simply call us at 8527267799 and know about the options available in Delhi and NCR. Even, we also take old batteries at best prices that could be possible so feel free to discuss. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Are Sealed Maintenance Free batteries majorly used in UPS and specially home ups for PC though other usages are telephone exchange, emergency lights, electronic equipments, scientific appliances, toys etc. As the name suggests these batteries are maintenance free. We can not only deliver these batteries but can instal them in your battery equipments or battery backups

Please feel free to sell of your old batteries - Old battery cost has gone up in recent past - please feel free to call Moscow Batteries at following number to get the exact cost of your old battery - We not only give you best price of the old battery but can offer you best price for most of the available brands in delhi.

Old car battery cost can be Rs. 400 to Rs. 800/-. Inverter battery prices for old battery stats from 800- 2200/-